real - Booty Talk 80 Part 2

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Sneak in and take a peek at the HOTTEST invite only club! Rebecca Luv leads this exciting lesbian fantasy all caught on tape! If you wondered what it's like when the girls get together, look no further, because this DVD shows you all of their little secrets behind closed doors.

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Poor Linda Lovelace, she isn't enjoying sex as mush as she'd like. So, her roommate throws an orgy for her, but even this doesn't get Linda off. Next, Linda's friend talks her into seeing a sex therapist, Doctor Young, played by Harry Reems. He examines her and discovers that her clitoris is in her throat, deep in her throat. Dr. Young teaches her the art of deep throat to stimulate her clitoris. This gets her bells ringing. Doctor Young enlists her talents as his outcall sex therapist and we follow her adventures until finally she finds her true love...a really hung guy who can ring her bells and untangle her tingler.

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